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Delhi's Most Instagram-worthy off the beaten path spots

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New Delhi has so many Instagram worthy spots. You can stay in the city for few months and not visit the same place twice. Many tourists only spend 3 to 4 days in Delhi in a rush to leave for Taj Mahal. This means that if you are willing to add few more days to your itinerary you can visit some tourist-free hidden gems.

Here are my top Instagram-worthy off the beaten path spots in New Delhi. Clean some space on your phone/camera because you'll be snapping a lot of photos!

Safdarjung's tomb

I call this tomb Humayun's tomb little cousin. The place is not on the itinerary of most people who are doing Delhi for less than 3 days. It's usually very peaceful and you won't have to navigate around large crowds of visitors to get that perfect shot. Highly recommended.  


Spice market

Get your fix of Delhi madness! If you think traffic in your city is bad try going to Old Delhi! One of the best rooftop views of the spice market are tucked in right in the heart of the action.

Bonus: You can buy a big bundle of Marigold flowers to add color to your photo right outside of the rooftop's entry. Price would be $3-$5

Haveli Dharampura

This boutique stay is a must visit. It's located on one of the narrowest streets you'll ever walk on. The hotel charges you something like 300 rupees entry fee and the price is well worth it. You can easily spend few hours shooting the beautiful pink interior. Be respectful and quiet, the structure of the place is such that sound travels easily and you don't want to ruin the guest's experience.

Bonus: the place has a cute restaurant so you can treat yourself to lunch or tea.

Tip: You can combine this place with a visit to the Spice Market, they are in the same area

Jantar mantar

This place consists of 13 architectural astronomy instruments. If you are a fan of architecture and minimalism this place is for you! A red and yellow colored gorgeous backdrop for some really #MinimalistCandy photos. It's usually not crowded and more popular with locals. We love places like that don't we?

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