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Delhi's Most Instagram-worthy off the beaten path spots

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New Delhi has so many Instagram worthy spots. You can stay in the city for few months and not visit the same place twice. Many tourists only spend 3 to 4 days in Delhi in a rush to leave for Taj Mahal. This means that if you are willing to add few more days to your itinerary you can visit some tourist-free hidden gems.

Here are my top Instagram-worthy off the beaten path spots in New Delhi. Clean some space on your phone/camera because you'll be snapping a lot of photos!

Safdarjung's tomb

I call this tomb Humayun's tomb little cousin. The place is not on the itinerary of most people who are doing Delhi for less than 3 days. It's usually very peaceful and you won't have to navigate around large crowds of visitors to get that perfect shot. Highly recommended.  


Spice market

Get your fix of Delhi madness! If you think traffic in your city is bad try going to Old Delhi! One of the best rooftop views of the spice market are tucked in right in the heart of the action.

Bonus: You can buy a big bundle of Marigold flowers to add color to your photo right outside of the rooftop's entry. Price would be $3-$5

Haveli Dharampura

This boutique stay is a must visit. It's located on one of the narrowest streets you'll ever walk on. The hotel charges you something like 300 rupees entry fee and the price is well worth it. You can easily spend few hours shooting the beautiful pink interior. Be respectful and quiet, the structure of the place is such that sound travels easily and you don't want to ruin the guest's experience.

Bonus: the place has a cute restaurant so you can treat yourself to lunch or tea.

Tip: You can combine this place with a visit to the Spice Market, they are in the same area

Jantar mantar

This place consists of 13 architectural astronomy instruments. If you are a fan of architecture and minimalism this place is for you! A red and yellow colored gorgeous backdrop for some really #MinimalistCandy photos. It's usually not crowded and more popular with locals. We love places like that don't we?

If your time in Delhi is limited check out Henry's "3 days in Delhi" post that offers a fun mix of popular and off the beaten path places to visit and...drum roll...some of the best food we had while exploring. 

Grana Silk PJ set

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When you travel a lot there is a certain magic to the moments you actually spend at home. As I grow older I care more and more about having a special place to come back to. A place where I can unpack and relax (a place also known as my shoe collection residence). 

Today is a work from home day. I'm extra happy not to have to leave my apartment because it's really grey and rainy outside. It also means I'll be spending the day in my silk jammies by GRANA.

This two piece silk pajamas has turned into my favorite home uniform and btw thanks to the latest fashion trends I can easily wear it outside too (just add heels and a fancy clutch bag). The fit of the set is relaxed and the material feels like hugs - LOVE!  Grana silk pj’s  would make of an awesome Valentine's day gift! Treat yourself 😜

Use ZORYxGRANA code for 10% off and free international shipping (for first time customers)


Emerald basics by Grana

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Having a wardrobe full of basics makes packing for anywhere pretty easy. When I was getting ready for India I knew that I'll need really comfy versitile pieces with me so 70% of what I packed were Grana basics :) As you know I have a promo code with them (it expires end of January so hurry!): Use ZORYxGRANA for 10% off + free shipping.


Silk V neck cami by GranaSilk ankle pants by Grana Shoes are a market find, traditional to some region of India

Blue Hues

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After experimenting with head to toe pink look I decided to give head to toe blue look a try.


Wearing monochromatic outfits is super simple and looks really chic. Getting dressed in the morning is exponentially quicker and you can rest assured that your clothes match perfectly:) You can also be more adventurous with trendier accessories. Today I'm drawing attention to an awesome pom pom bag I bought from a small artist in Taipei, Taiwan.


#OOTD Silk & Cashmere Neutrals by Grana

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I love sales but sometimes Black Friday is too overwhelming! There is just too much noise coming at you and it's near impossible to filter through all the promotions.

You can actually find great deals on the internet everyday. One of my favorite brands, Grana, creates high quality basics that look good for a fraction of the price of other popular fashion labels. I've been raving about them a lot but if you try them you'll understand why. :)

Today's outfit is all about soft fabrics in warm neutrals. We have a cashmere crew neck sweater in Heather Blush or as I like to call it Pink Oatmeal and ankle silk pants in Rose Down. I love everything about these two pieces to the point where I've been wearing it everyday for a week 😜😜😜. It's just so easy, so practical and it looks good!

If you want to try Grana (You won't regret investing in pieces that will effortlessly transition from one season to another) here is a promo code for 10% OFF and free shipping: ZORYxGRANA

Another obsession I'm nursing these days : fur shoes :)) Ever since I watched CFDA Fashion Fund and saw the gorgeous Brother Vellies slippers I was hooked.

Similar fur shoes to the ones I'm wearing are available here and here

Happy shopping:)


It's The Season To Be Cozy

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Winter is the perfect time to curl up on the couch and bing watch tv shows. It's the season to be cozy! Use the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to stock on some comfy slippers and home wear OR prepare early for your office Secret Santa!in-my-cart-november-cozy Moccasin slippers | Sushi Print Sweatshirt | Unicorn slippers | Yoda Slippers | Poop emoji slippers | Penguin Onesie | Fluffy Bear Robe | Elf booties | Padded booties | Sushi Socks | Fluffy Slipper Boot Pink | Googly Eyes Slippers

Things To Eat in Portland

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Portland must eats

Chances are all food in Portland you gonna have is good. People there know what they are doing and care profoundly about the food they are serving you. For the 30 days we spent in Hipster capital we ate our faces off and here are the absolute must eat dishes:


tasty If brunch is your thing I will say go to Tasty'n'Adler. Eggy Bread Pudding (I believe the name is something like The Whole Toad) - I ordered the bread pudding thinking it's a desert. Well, it wasn't. It's a savory, eggy, scrumptious dish that just blew me away. Probably one of my top 3 things I ate in Portland. Korean Friend Chicken - Really well Borrata Watermelon Salad Radicchio salad

Salt and Straw

salt-and-straw Fennel ice cream Olive oil ice cream

Random Order Pies

random-order-pies Quiche of the day: I don't remember which flavour it was but it was soo custerdy and so amazing. Banana crea pie

Bollywood Theater

bollywood-theater-kati-roll-beets Roasted beets with coconut milk and curry leaves Kati roll Daily specials: Tomato chaad

Le Pigeon

le-pigeon-foie-gras-profiteroles Fois Gras Profiteroles

Hat Yai

hat-yai Hat Yai Fried Chicken w/ House Based Curry & Rosti

Papa G's

papa-gs-vegan-organics EVERYTHING is yummy and made with love. Clean eating paradise. Collard wrap Indian Curry plate Organic potato salad/Sunflower cheeze

The Waffle Window

waffle-window Good classic chicken and waffles with gravy is not to be missed


Pine State Biscuit - Lines, lines, lines. This iconic place on Alberta did not impress us. Unfortunately the biscuits and chicken were average and were not worth the wait. Best thing there were the Cajun Fries and the Sausage gravy Cajun fries.

Screen Door - This place was a BIG disappointment. All the food was lacking flavor. Fried chicken and biscuits were kind of dry, grits were bland, Portions were big but none of the meals were delicious.

Head To Toe Grana Basics

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I love basics. They make my life easy and comfortable. Finding basics that are high quality, good cut, contemporary design and reasonably priced is a challenge. However I think I succeeded in finding my favorite company - GRANA. Ever since I got their denim I've been wearing it almost every day (you can fact check on my Instagram) The fit is perfect! I've been saying this over and over again but the best way to describe it is if mom jeans and boyfriend jeans had a baby:)) Also if you are looking for a little slice of luxury in your daily life their cashemere tees are amazing