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Stunning Swimsuit - Marysia Asymmetrical Venice Top Red

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Marysia-Asymmetrical-Venice-Top Red.jpg
Roses are red, violets are blue. My swimsuit is awesome and you can have it too.

This is by far my favorite swimsuit! The design is really head-turning and unique. This swimsuit comes in red, black and white and you can get your HERE.

Marysia Venice Asymmetrical Top

Marysia Venice Bottom

What I really love about Marysia's Venice swimsuit design is that the top can be worn away from the pool too! here is an example of a high-waisted ruffle tiered skirt + Marysia's Venice Asymmetrical Top

 Get the skirt  HERE

Get the skirt HERE

Summer Vibes: Freepeople Daniella Mini Eyelet Dress

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My New Favorite Striped Shorts For This Summer

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This Christmas Give The Gift Of Pure Beauty With Fresh

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This Christmas give the gift of pure beauty with Fresh! Fresh uses all natural ingredients and modern science to deliver sensorial experience with undeniable results. Get the value sets which combine variety of travel size and full size Fresh products or build your own set and gift wrap it with the store's beautiful and luxurious boxes and ribbons! 

Still unsure what to pick and where to start? Here are my favorite Fresh products and why I love them:

Seaberry skin nutrition booster

A pure blend of concentrated oils and extracts that provides a boost of antioxidant-rich nourishment to face and eye creams.  My skin feels plump and hydrated right after use. It's my favorite product to use after a long flight or any time I need to brighten my complexion.

Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15

This product moisturizes, protects, and smooths the lips with a blend of moisture-preserving sugar and nourishing oils, delivering long-lasting moisture. Sugar Lip has a nice fragrance, lovely texture and you can use it on it's own or under lipstick. My to go colors: Rosé  and Nude. 

Cocoa Body Exfoliant

An indulgent body scrub with antioxidant-rich cocoa butter and nourishing coconut oil to gently buff and smooth for soft, supple skin. I love the smell so much it makes me smile every time I use it. I just want to eat it because it reminds me of brownies :) It leaves your skin smooth, hydrated, and moisturized, no need to use lotion after.

Best of Beauty Bundle

A gift set featuring a full skincare ritual that delivers gorgeous, healthy-looking skin, packaged in a pretty box you can color to your heart's content. This is truly a gift of love and great value!


Browse all the gift sets here

You can also purchase from Sephora here.


Mango Embossed Flower Gown

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Polka Dot Jumpsuit in China Town, San Francisco

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Anthropologie Andree Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit look

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Back in San Francisco and experiencing our annual heat wave! I have to say I'm actually enjoying it since one of my FAVORITE things about summer season are warm summer nights.

(For those of you not from SF I should say we often get warm days but having warm nights is really rare!) 

Wearing my new favorite bag + watch by The Horse - curated leather lifestyle goods studio in Sydney, Australia owned and operated by husband and wife Scott and Amy Hawkes. 

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