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BRIC'S Private SALE alert

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Hi guys!! Bric's is having a PRIVATE SALE for the LIFE PELLE line at the wooping 65%-70% OFF. The Life Pelle Collection is iconic Italian, with full grain vegetable tanned Tuscan leather and made in Italy.

Since I'm in Morocco I'm a little late to share the SALE but they are still some good pieces in there! Check it out: https://goo.gl/Rm5vys

Getting ready for the summer

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Fox Village - best day trip out of Tokyo

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If you have a day to spare during your stay in Tokyo you should visit the Miyagi Zao Fox Village. It's located in Shiroishi (Miyagi Prefecture) - an easy train ride away. Hundreds of really cute wild foxes run free in the large forest-like sanctuary. Surprisingly (given how adorable the foxes are) this is a less popular destination for tourists compared to bunny island, deer heaven Nara and all the countless animal cafes. Are you interested?

How to get there

From Tokyo take the Shinkansen to Shiroishizao station. If you board on Tokyo station you won't even have to change trains! Use the Hyperdia scheduling tool to find a convenient time. My advice is to leave Tokyo as early as possible so you have maximum time with the cute foxes (the village closes at 4pm)

Once you arrive at Shiroishizao station, you'll need to get a taxi to the fox village. The train station has a small JR tourism office out front and they will call you a cab if they are none outside the station. Look around for other travelers going to the fox sanctuary and you can split the cab fare. The cost for the ride would be 4000-5000 yen each way (bring cash).

Entrance fee for Zao Fox Village is 1000 yen.

When you are ready to leave, exit through the gift shop and ask the checkout register to call you a taxi back to the train station. It takes about 20min for the cab to come pick you up.


Check the weather. We went there end of March and there was still snow. I wish I had gloves and a warm scarf with me

While in the village you will hear announcements on the loud speakers. We didn't know what they were about but it turns out that they tell you when you can go by the entrance and hold one fox in your lap and cuddle it. I recommend it but beware they smell a little bit:))

Read the directions given to you at the front office carefully but don't freak out. They make it sound like the foxes will attack you which in reality is not true. They are very playful and if you have any dangling things they will attempt to snatch them but they mean well.

You can totally give the foxes some food (the special food you buy on the spot, 200 yen) off the feeding platform. The moment they hear the plastic bag in your pocket they will follow you around (they won't attack you, at least they never attempted attacking us). It's better to drop the food on the ground or throw it gently in the air to avoid an accidental bite. Using the food is a good way to capture some close up photos of these majestic animals.

Just like salt bae, right?

Just like salt bae, right?

Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo - Full Sakura Bloom

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Shinjuku Gyoen was the most magical place to witness the full sakura bloom in 2017. We were floored by the beauty of the cherry trees. 

Shinjuku Gyoen attracts a lot of people so make sure to get there as early as you can (it's worth it). The park has a 200 yen entrance fee (most other parks are free) and does not allow big picnic blankets in most of the main areas (YEY, because that means better photos).

The above picture was taken at one of the few pink trees in the park. What a show off ah?! 

Stay tuned for more magical photo from this Sakura season in Tokyo:)

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Cherry Blossoms at Sumida Park, Tokyo

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The weather in Tokyo has been colder than expected. For two weeks we did not see any cherry blossoms due to the unusually cold weather. But this week (finally) the sakura is facially making an appearance and yes it's as magical as advertised. 

This picture was taken at Sumida Park in Tokyo. It's one of the more local places to enjoy the cherry blossoms and I can't recommend it enough. Sakura season attracts HUGE crowds so if you are looking for a peaceful stroll amongst beautifully blossomed trees head to Sumida Park in early morning and you won't be disappointed.

Get the look:

Osaka Castle - Wearing Spring 2017 Trends

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Function of Beauty: Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner

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Function of Beauty makes personalized shampoos and conditioners and delivers them to you in beautiful packaging!

This past Valentine’s day I filed for gift-idea-bankruptcy. I wanted to get Henry something cool, personalized and casual but couldn’t come up with ANYTHING so I decided no gifts this year (boo!). And as it usually happens the moment I stopped looking was the moment I found the perfect present! 

Function of beauty let’s you create you own personalized shampoo that is tailored to whatever hair needs you want and it comes in a cute bottle that has your name written on it! Isn’t that a perfect gift? I think it is! I love how universal it can be while it’s still personal ❤️ Of course I got one for Henry and one for myself! 


BRB soaking the sun

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J.Crew Ruffle Shorts & Leopard Coat

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Vyshyvanka Top/Dress And A Pom Pom Bag

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Vyshyvanka is a traditional Ukrainian blouse rich in beautiful handmade embroidery. I've been on the look for an affordable piece that carries the Ukrainian spirit for awhile with no luck. As time went by I kept on remembering the look of the blouse and kept on thinking how well would the boho vibe of vyshyvanka translate in California. 

Today I'm happy to announce that my patience paid off! As it usually happens I was looking for something completely different when I spotted the perfect Ukrainian inspired tunic. It was love at first sight and by getting a tunic I scored 2 in 1 - it can be worn as a top or as a dress! How cool is that?

Beach, please!

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Okay, every year I think it's impossible to be surprised with new and more creative pool floats and then BAAAM - I'm proved wrong! 

As Palm Springs season approaches here is a list of pool floats that with keep your #PoolGameStrong hashtag trending!




Sales to shop this President's Day

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Delhi's Most Instagram-worthy off the beaten path spots

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New Delhi has so many Instagram worthy spots. You can stay in the city for few months and not visit the same place twice. Many tourists only spend 3 to 4 days in Delhi in a rush to leave for Taj Mahal. This means that if you are willing to add few more days to your itinerary you can visit some tourist-free hidden gems.

Here are my top Instagram-worthy off the beaten path spots in New Delhi. Clean some space on your phone/camera because you'll be snapping a lot of photos!

Safdarjung's tomb

I call this tomb Humayun's tomb little cousin. The place is not on the itinerary of most people who are doing Delhi for less than 3 days. It's usually very peaceful and you won't have to navigate around large crowds of visitors to get that perfect shot. Highly recommended.  


Spice market

Get your fix of Delhi madness! If you think traffic in your city is bad try going to Old Delhi! One of the best rooftop views of the spice market are tucked in right in the heart of the action.

Bonus: You can buy a big bundle of Marigold flowers to add color to your photo right outside of the rooftop's entry. Price would be $3-$5

Haveli Dharampura

This boutique stay is a must visit. It's located on one of the narrowest streets you'll ever walk on. The hotel charges you something like 300 rupees entry fee and the price is well worth it. You can easily spend few hours shooting the beautiful pink interior. Be respectful and quiet, the structure of the place is such that sound travels easily and you don't want to ruin the guest's experience.

Bonus: the place has a cute restaurant so you can treat yourself to lunch or tea.

Tip: You can combine this place with a visit to the Spice Market, they are in the same area

Jantar mantar

This place consists of 13 architectural astronomy instruments. If you are a fan of architecture and minimalism this place is for you! A red and yellow colored gorgeous backdrop for some really #MinimalistCandy photos. It's usually not crowded and more popular with locals. We love places like that don't we?

If your time in Delhi is limited check out Henry's "3 days in Delhi" post that offers a fun mix of popular and off the beaten path places to visit and...drum roll...some of the best food we had while exploring.