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Airplane Essentials Packing List

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Always wanted a list of airplane carry on essentials? Well, lucky you - we travel quite a bit and came up with a list of what we think are must-haves on the plane!

Lip Balm

Airplane cabin air is notoriously dry - leading to cracked, arid lips after a long flight. Make sure to keep them nice and moisturized with lip balm! As Carmex Brand Ambassadors - we love the Carmex Comfort Care Watermelon line! Also, if you’re looking for another great lip balm, Fresh has a whole line ranging from lemon cream to coconut!


For those of you who always get cold on airplanes - a scarf can be a godsend. Not only can it keep you warm, it’s also portable and can be used as a picnic or park blanket at your final destination! One of our favorites is from Mango - it’s stylish and portable, can keep you warm, and can be used as a picnic or park blanket in the city you’re visiting.


Crying babies or over talkative seat mates on the plane? Tune it all out with noise canceling headphones from Bose or with your favorite tunes on your wireless AirPods.

Our favorites:

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II Noise Canceling Headphones

Apple AirPod

Pen / Notebook

Those long flights can lead to creative outbursts or lots of random doodling. Make sure you’re ready to capture it all with this beautifully crafted Japanese notebook. I especially love this notebook since it lays completely flat when it opens!

Our favorites:

Midori MD Notebook

Molskin Notebook

Travel Pillow

Jealous of people with the gift of dozing away on planes? Arrive refreshed with this specially shaped pillow that cradles your head and neck for the best plane slumber ever!

Try our recommendation:  J Pillow

Eye Mask / Ear Plugs

To get better quality sleep on the plane - an eye mask is perfect for controlling harsh light from waking you up. I especially like these contoured eye masks which have air pockets in front of your eyes. Add in some ear plugs in case you don’t have noise canceling headphones!

Our favorites:

Contoured Eye Mask

Earplanes Ear Plugs

Socks / Compression

If your flight is going to be longer than four hours - you’ll want to consider getting a pair of compression socks to aid circulation in your legs. They’ll help your legs and feet from going numb and also prevent things like blood clots forming. Click HERE for some other tips on how to keep your blood circulation flowing on long flights. 

Get your pair HERE.


Long flights can drag on and on - so make sure to have something to help you pass the time. I personally love to fill my Apple iPad Mini with movies and tv shows from Netflix. When I’m done watching movies, I like to read books on my Kindle Paperwhite or listen to podcasts on my iPhone.

Our favorites:

Apple iPad Mini 4

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

External battery

Unless your airline provides charging usb slots, you’ll want to make sure you bring a charged portable battery with you. The Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 is a great choice and provides about 2 full phone charges. If you need a little more juice, the Anker PowerCore II Ultra Slim 10000 provides about 4 full phone charges.


Since you never know what kind of food is going to be wheeled out on that aisle cart - Larabar makes great, wholesome snack bars that are made with just a few ingredients. I especially love the Cashew Cookie flavor!

Emergency Toiletries

Lost luggage happens every once in a while - be prepared with a couple days worth supply of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and lotion inside GoToob squeezable bottles.

Travel Adapter

Don’t get caught without the right power adapter because we all need that juice with all the electronics we carry! Our favorite is the Ceptics Compact World Travel Adapter Kit since it’s lightweight and the whole thing stacks together conveniently! 

Disinfecting Wipes / Hand Sanitizer

The dirtiest part of the plane is the tray table and arm handles. Make sure to keep your traveling environment clean with  Lysol Disinfecting Wipes! Don’t forget to clean your hands with hand sanitizer before you eat too!


I always have trouble falling asleep on planes, so I make sure to have Melatonin and ZZZquil nearby. For motion sickness, it’s wise to have some Dramamine on hand also.

Happy Packing & Bon Voyage