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How To Pick Your Next Adidas Sneakers

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how-to-pick-your-next-adidas-sneakersYou've seen those shoes on every street style icon out there. They are simple, they are classic, they are adidas:)) If you are about to get your first pair of adidas sneakers here are the top 4 choices I recommend.

Adidas Original Super Star Sneaker Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.23.57 PM photo credit: Urban Outfitters

This one was first introduced in 1969 as a basketball low-top shoe/sneaker. Since then it's made it's way into the wardrobe of all fashionistas. The design is the bulkiest of the 4 models. It comes in men sizing so if you have not bought from Adidas before I recommend you pop in their store or in Urban Outfitters and try the sneakers for a perfect fit.In my opinion the shoe runs a little big. I wear size 8 in most brands and for Adidas Super Star I wear men size 6. Availeble at Urban Outfitters, Nordstorm and Macy's

Adidas Samoa Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.23.47 PM photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Samoa was introduced as a classic all purpuse/soccer shoe. It's less bulky than Super Star and it has an iconic retro look. That being said Adidas Samoa is my favorite of the bunch. I love the beige rubber detail on the sole and how the shape hugs your foot in a very comfortable way. Men sizing, runs big, I wear size 6 (normally size 8 women) Available at Urban Outfitters

Adidas Samba Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.25.21 PM photo credit: Urban Outfitters

This is the most elegant silhouette of the 4. It carries the old school vibe of the Super Star but has a lightness and ease to it. If you are going for something less sporty this is the Adidas for you. Men sizing, runs big, I wear size 6 (normally size 8 women) Available at Urban Outfitters

Adidas NEO baseline Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.34.21 PM I'm including this Adidas alternative because it has the appeal of all 3 models that I've already listed and it's the easiest to find on a budget price. If you shop with DSW you can get these babies for a real bargain. During your birthday month DSW gives you 10$ OFF coupon which you can combine with their other regular 10$ OFF coupons and get adidas NEO kicks for as low as 40$. Style on a budget:) It runs big. Get it from DSW or here