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Pinata District Downtown LA (part 1)

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Up until last week I had no idea that the Piñata District in Downtown LA existed. It's a section of downtown LA that has developed as a wholesale hub for piñata and candy. You'll find it nested in the area around East Olympic Boulevard and South Central Avenue.

The Piñata District offers tons of colorful options! Take your time hopping from one shop to the other picking through in search for your perfect piñata.


After carefully studying all the options we had we were ready! Our hearts were set on a watermelon and a pineapple piñatas. The store we shopped at is called Amazing Piñatas and most of the piñatas sell for $12 to $20. The coast is well worth it! Shooting with this kind of prop is tons of fun and almost every shot was perfect.


Btw some store owners specialize in custom piñatas. Unique shapes for bachelorette parties, birthdays and photo shoots.

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