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Sweater Shopping At COS Sale

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COSSummers in San Francisco call for..sweaters. Yup, that's right! Weather here is not what most people think. Going anywhere without a top layer is a rookie mistake!

ROUNDED SLEEVE MILANO JUMPER IN NAVY This jumper has rounded sleeves with tight knit cuffs. A casual fit, it is has a round neckline and a straight hemline with a minimal finish.

SPECKLED FINISH COTTON JUMPER An everyday casual style, this jumper is made from cotton with an all-over speckled effect. A relaxed fit, it has a round neckline and ribbed finishes. (also availeble in pink)

SHAPED STITCH JUMPER This jumper is made from a cotton-mix in a vertical garter stitch knit. A concave shape, it has a round neckline, 3/4 sleeves and chunky ribbed finishes. (also availeble in black)