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Function of Beauty: Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner

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Function of Beauty makes personalized shampoos and conditioners and delivers them to you in beautiful packaging!

This past Valentine’s day I filed for gift-idea-bankruptcy. I wanted to get Henry something cool, personalized and casual but couldn’t come up with ANYTHING so I decided no gifts this year (boo!). And as it usually happens the moment I stopped looking was the moment I found the perfect present! 

Function of beauty let’s you create you own personalized shampoo that is tailored to whatever hair needs you want and it comes in a cute bottle that has your name written on it! Isn’t that a perfect gift? I think it is! I love how universal it can be while it’s still personal ❤️ Of course I got one for Henry and one for myself! 


4 Step Easy Daily Makeup Routine

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I'm not the kind of person who wears a lot of makeup. It's not that I don't like it. I lack the patience of layering it and then having to maintain it throughout the day. Also there is no force on earth that can make me wake up 1h earlier in the morning to apply make-up. My "Look-like-a-human" daily beauty routine is really simple and easy. A standart make-up routine includes about 10 steps: moisturizer, corrector & concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer & blush, lips, brows, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara. I only do 4: corrector, luminizer, eyeshadow, mascara


Step 1

Dark circles under the eyes!!! HUGE problem for me. Even when I get enough sleep I get them all the time.

That results in having the following conversation way too many times: People: Ohhhh, you look so tired. Are you okay? Me: Ah yes, this is just the way my face looks

A product I swear by is Bobbi Brown's corrector. Great for dark circles. Super easy to apply. All you need is to put some on your finger tips and then tap it gently underneath your eyes.

Tip: Color is key. Pink tones neutralize pinky-blue darkness, peach tones neutralize purple-brown darkness. In general, light to medium skin tones should use corrector in pink-bisque shades, while medium and warmer skin tones should use peach-tones correctors.

If you are uncertain what color suits you best just go to Sephora and ask an assistant to help you choose. I tend to go for a color that is lighter than my skin tone but be aware too light might create the reverse raccoon effect


Extra step: If you are looking for extra coverage apply concealer or a some foundation over your corrector. A yellow-based concealer one shade lighter than your complexion works to brighten the under eye area for all women.

Step 2

I love me a good skin illuminator. It's a semi-transparent cream with a very light tint and small sparkly particles. This product gives your skin a healthy warm glow. It basically simulates what a young good hydrated skin looks like.

Step 3

Eyeshadow (any brand really) I love using white or cream eyeshadow on the inside corner of my eye and under the line of my eyebrows. It's a trick that makes your eyes "open" and visually lifts your brows.

Step 4

Mascara I love mascara. It's magic! In 2 easy strokes my eyes have more defined look and a pop. You can go by personal taste, my vote goes for a mascara that kicks up the volume.

And that's about it. Takes about 5min and it's well worth the time.

General tips

Always clean your make up. Your skin needs to breath. I often use eye make-up remover for my whole face as I find it really gentle on my skin makeupremovers 1. MAKE Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover | 2.KIEHL'S SINCE 1851 Supremely Gentle Eye Make-up Remover | 3. NARS Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate Current favorite: Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Hydrating Serum |

Before you go out of your house always apply some sun protection on your skin. Use BB cream or sunscreen. Really. Use it. The sun feels lovely but it can be so damaging. Current favorite: Clarins sunscreen for face wrinkle control cream spf 50