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Real vs Steal: Reformation Gala Top vs Reformation Gala Top Replica

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Soon after I purchased the Reformation Gala Top from HERE I stumbled upon a replica of the top online. I decided to buy the Gala Top replica and compare the two.

Shein had done a pretty good job imitating the silhouette of the Reformation Gala Top. From a distance one cannot really tell the two apart. The real difference is the fabric. Reformation has used a soft Tencel® lyocell and linen that feels expensive to the touch. Shein’s replica is advertised as a cotton blend but the fabric is thin and feels plastic to the touch. Another difference is that Shein does not carry a XS size like Reformation.

The price of the Reformation Gala top is $148 vs $18 for Shein’s replica. I’d say if you are planning to wear the top a lot get the Reformation quality made piece and enjoy it’s fine fabric. If you are shopping for a catchy romantic silhouette but you are not planning to live in this top go for the Shein’s replica.

You can get the original Reformation Gala Top from HERE or HERE.

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