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My Endless Wardrobe - End Outfit Boredom

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MEW-Wardrobe During my New York Fashion Week visit to the East Coast I teamed up with My Endless Wardrobe to try what wardrobe renting feels like. Here is what I found.

First things first. What's My Endless Wardrobe? It's a clothing rental service where a personal stylist selects your pieces. Looking for work wear, some date night options or want to try mixing up your look? No problem, every item is selected based on your needs. You get 7-10 hand picked items worth $1000, which is a steal since the service is only $149 ($20 styling fee and a $129 rental fee). (At the end of this post you'll even find a discount promo code, how cool is that?)


When my box arrived I was excited and nervous. Is there something I'd like inside? What if it doesn't fit? Let's find out, I thought.

Opening that package felt like Christmas. Everything was put together with care. The first thing you see is a personalized card that guides you through your items. What I found really neat about the card is that my stylist actually took the time to explain her choices and gave some further advice on how to style the items. It was clear that Sophie (my stylist) actually did read my questionnaire, open all of my wardrobe inspiration links, and view my Pinterest boards. This impressed me because it wasn't an algorithm/software bot like some other clothing rental services. It's like your super stylish best friend that is sending you a look-good-feel-awesome-kick-ass care package.

So far, so good. But wait! All the pieces were beautiful but the big question was.. how would they fit/was the stylist on point? Let's find out! Here is my 7 piece wardrobe:

small-Gray-Cullotes-theory-shirt What was rented? Theory painted check 3/4 sleeve shirt Retails for $219 Your price on MEW if you decide to keep it $175

small-Finders-Keepers-front-tie-skirt Finders Keepers front tie skirt Retails for $156 Your price on MEW if you decide to keep it $127

small-Fifteen-twenty-mini-dress-NewYork Fifteen Twenty mini dress Retails for $177 Your price on MEW if you decide to keep it $142 Note: This was the item I wore the most. This dress is so comfortable and flattering! It's a lovely essential that effortlessly transitions from day to night.

small-1state-tuxedo-white-woman-pants 1.State tuxedo pants Retails for $105 Your price on MEW if you decide to keep it $84 Note: This was the item I was most nervous about. White tuxedo pants? A little too dressy for me, I thought. But you know what? They fit me like a glove and with a little imagination you can totally dress them down! I added a panama hat and a scuba top to bring the look to a more daytime affair.

small-fifteen-twenty-cross-over-split-back-top Fifteen Twenty cross over split back blouse Retails for $195 Your price on MEW if you decide to keep it $154

small-The-Fifth-Cutout-cross-back-dress The Fifth Cutout dress Retails for $138 Your price on MEW if you decide to keep it $110 Note: This dress has a very sexy cutout back. Unfortunately I don't have a snap of it. Just trust me :P

small-JulieBrown-shirt-dress Julie Brown printed shirt dress Retails for $202 Your price on MEW if you decide to keep it $162

In case you are wondering why the wardrobe is so black and white, it's because I wanted something that was very New York and easy to match with the rest of the items I was bringing along:)

You can customize your wardrobe any way you want! And I mean any way! You can ask for dressy outfits or work clothes only...you can request more tops or more dresses...go for all color or keep it black and white...It's really YOUR call - your endless wardrobe.

Why do it? - Holiday season is coming! You can save so much by not buying dresses for all the dinner parties and get togethers you'll be attending. - You get beautiful designer pieces. (J.Crew, Marc Jacobs, DVF, etc) - You can change the style direction as you wish. - There is no pressure for you to buy. - You get to bounce ideas with a real stylist. - You don't feel guilty for hoarding expensive clothes that you've only worn once.

Is the price worth it? - $149 divided by 7 (the minimum number of items you'll get) is $21.2 per item for one month worth of fun. - You get high quality pieces. (J.Crew, Marc Jacobs, DVF, etc) - The chance of bumping into someone wearing the same thing is pretty low. - No time spent in fitting rooms and driving between stores.

If you want to try the service use coupon code ZORYMORY20 to receive $20 off your first wardrobe.