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Things To Eat in Portland

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Portland must eats

Chances are all food in Portland you gonna have is good. People there know what they are doing and care profoundly about the food they are serving you. For the 30 days we spent in Hipster capital we ate our faces off and here are the absolute must eat dishes:


tasty If brunch is your thing I will say go to Tasty'n'Adler. Eggy Bread Pudding (I believe the name is something like The Whole Toad) - I ordered the bread pudding thinking it's a desert. Well, it wasn't. It's a savory, eggy, scrumptious dish that just blew me away. Probably one of my top 3 things I ate in Portland. Korean Friend Chicken - Really well Borrata Watermelon Salad Radicchio salad

Salt and Straw

salt-and-straw Fennel ice cream Olive oil ice cream

Random Order Pies

random-order-pies Quiche of the day: I don't remember which flavour it was but it was soo custerdy and so amazing. Banana crea pie

Bollywood Theater

bollywood-theater-kati-roll-beets Roasted beets with coconut milk and curry leaves Kati roll Daily specials: Tomato chaad

Le Pigeon

le-pigeon-foie-gras-profiteroles Fois Gras Profiteroles

Hat Yai

hat-yai Hat Yai Fried Chicken w/ House Based Curry & Rosti

Papa G's

papa-gs-vegan-organics EVERYTHING is yummy and made with love. Clean eating paradise. Collard wrap Indian Curry plate Organic potato salad/Sunflower cheeze

The Waffle Window

waffle-window Good classic chicken and waffles with gravy is not to be missed


Pine State Biscuit - Lines, lines, lines. This iconic place on Alberta did not impress us. Unfortunately the biscuits and chicken were average and were not worth the wait. Best thing there were the Cajun Fries and the Sausage gravy Cajun fries.

Screen Door - This place was a BIG disappointment. All the food was lacking flavor. Fried chicken and biscuits were kind of dry, grits were bland, Portions were big but none of the meals were delicious.