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Iovado - From Italy With Love

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Meet my IOVADO flats! Each pair is handmade in Italy with much care and passion by local craftsmen. Just like us humans, no two pairs are exactly the same. (b/c they're handmade) 08-iovadoshoes



Vest: HM   |   Bag: Urban Outfitters SALE


Iovado was founded by three childhood friends brought together by a passion for shoes, design, and locally sourced products. They also happen to be super cute hehe just saying.. :)

One thing that makes them stand out from other shoe brands is the ability to completely customize your shoe and piping colors online before you order. You can go totally fun with bright colors such as Yellow and Cobalt Blue or go sophisticated with classic colors like Black and Beige. You can literally spend hours mixing and matching, so have fun!

RS0A05971 From Italy with love. Albert, Hans Paul and Stefano - founders of Iovado.

02-iovadoshoes You can play with so many color combinations!

03-iovadoshoes You can also add your own custom monogram! I was going to put YOLO, but I chickened out haha!!