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Earth Tones Outfit At The San Francisco Botanical Garden

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CalvinKleinFlats-5 Wearing earth tones at the SF Botanical garden today! This outfit is super easy and comfortable.

The flats I'm wearing are Calvin Klein. Chic and slick they are my new favorite essential item! I found them at ROSS! ROSS has done miracles for my shoe collection! I almost always leave the store with few pairs! Not every ROSS store has a big shoe wear section. If you are a shoe lover explore ROSS stores in different neighborhoods and find the one that carries the most shoes and restocks often. For me Downtown San Francisco store has the best variety in SF. They have lots of shoe racks that due to the foot traffic on Market street get restocked almost daily!

The denim jacket I'm wearing is a treasure I found on Thread Up for 13 dollars! Oh my, if you have the patience to browse the site you can find amazing low budget finds that will blow your mind:)

I've always been a fan of mixing brands from different price ranges. Looking stylish is not about how much you pay or what label you wear. You can have beautiful, functional wardrobe at a steal price by being a savvy shopper.

Finding the perfect leather jacket within your budget can be your next mini adventure! And remember no matter if you find it at a thrift store, yard sale, Zara, J. Crew or Saks Fifth Avenue they are many ways to make it look stunning.Wearing it with confidence is just one of them!

Wearing Cutaway Crepe Tank by Banana Republic | Calvin Klein flats found at ROSS | Denim jacket from Thread Up | Black skinny jeans, similar here | Necklace Forever21 CalvinKleinFlats-3 CalvinKleinFlats-4 CalvinKleinFlats-2 CalvinKleinFlats-1