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The Story

Henry and I met at a hostel lobby in Bangkok 6 years ago. We spent fun 24h together and parted ways. Over the course of the following 4 months we messaged each other obsessively on social media. After countless messages, emails and video calls I invited him to come visit me in Bulgaria. I said something like " I have my own place, you can stay with me" and he booked a ticket to stay for A MONTH. Hah all or nothing, right?

A blurry photo from the very first time I picked up Henry form Istanbul airport with a big 

A blurry photo from the very first time I picked up Henry form Istanbul airport with a big 

After living in various places and trying to pull off the long distance thing, Henry and I, finally decided to settle in San Francisco 3 years ago. Then we got engaged. Along with all the warm “Congrats” we started getting plenty of questioned about future wedding logistics. Exciting?

Instead of being happy we become stressed. When you have family across the globe, different traditions, different budgets  (The average wedding cost in the United States is $26,645) planning a wedding turns into a stressful affaire. 

We asked ourselves if there was no information about what people are supposed to do for their engagement/wedding what would we choose to do for celebration?

The Solution

Given that so much of who we are and how we met is related to travel (and photography) we decided that we can postpone traditional wedding planning for some future time.

However we were eager to celebrate our love NOW. So we thought the following: What if we have a little 2 person ceremony where we say “Yes” to each other everywhere we go? What if we turn every trip we take into a little piece of our wedding story?

You know how people say “My wedding was the most beautiful day of my life”. Only one day? We want to extend the celebration and create more unforgettable memories. 

Where we go next? I don’t know but you are all invited to follow this adventure! Follow us on Instagram and check #XXXXX for updates.

The Solution

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